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We are the manufactuer for the UL/CE belt dryer and box dryer.


Attached you can find machine pictures and pls let us know if you have interest to know more details.


You can email us your application / capacity request /voltage /frequency etc.

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Below pls find some basic information about us:

1 -  More than 15 years' experience in dryers production line.

2 - We have solid experience to export to USA  / UK / New Zealand market etc.

2 - The advantages for our equipment are :  heat recycle using  and we provide UL certified parts or CE certified parts for the production line.

4-We use international top brand for

    key parts such as Siemens screen + OILON Burner  etc.


Testimonials from our existing UK client :


 The dryer is efficient in drying the flower biomass delicately enough to keep the valuable terpin profiles that we want for extraction, and dry it enough to be stored without having problems with moisture left in the biomass whilst in storage.

Service: we have had good service and can always get hold of someone for assistance if required. As of now, we have not had any problems with the function or operation of the dryer. We successfully harvested and dried over 4 tonnes of flower material last season.



Susan Zheng


XT Intelligence Technology Co.,Ltd

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