Argan Oil Wholesale

Area/Neighbourhood: Marrakech

Argan Oil is known for its positive effects for skin and hair. In addition of this, it moisturizes your scalp and boosts healing process. At Argan Oil company, we benefit on these properties and introduced a product that optimizes the oil for your advantage.

Furthermore, we saw to our best efforts to deliver a high grade Bulk Argan Oil, which is unscented, pure and lightweight. This product is free of preservatives, toxi chemicals or other additives. Its made of small batches of Argan imported from Morocco. A naturally freshen product and better than any other moisturizer on the market that repairs and beautifies your hair and skin.

·        This product is a blend of Aloe Vera, rosemary, thyme and, the obvious Argan oil

·        Stimulates hair growth and heals scalp

·        The Argan Oil Company uses only natural ingredients

·        Natural and botanical oil extracts add volume and shine to your hair

·        Made from Liquid Gold

Bulk Argan Oil

The Bulk Argan Oil  is made up of the liquid gold that is extracted from kernels of argan tree. A native of Morrow, this product is beneficial and contains nutrients like vitamin E and fatty acids. The Bulk Argan Oil is beneficial for both skin and hair. It’s a perfect cosmetic choice for people who want glowing skin and shiny hair. On top of it, it’s an ideal cosmetic choice. Argan oil is also known for improving immune system and boosting our protective abilities. The oil absorbs easily and is non-greasy, making it a natural and ideal moisturizer. Its easy to use all over your body.

·        This product is free of fillers or additives

·        It’s effective for moisturizing your skin and hair

·        Made of cold presses virgin oil for only the highest grade of quality

·        Helps you attain younger look and increases hair mass

·        A Natural Hair Conditioner

Argan oil manufacturers

Argan oil manufacturers use pure organic Argan extracts for virgin oil. The fresh and high quality makes sure you get the best of Argan oil with Tripe Extra Virgin Grade 1 Oil.  The company imports their raw product from south of Morocco. These are then handpicked according to the quality of nuts during the warm season.

We use fresh argans which are only 2 months old. Mostly, the market uses 18-24 months old argan. But Argan oil manufacturers have devoted themselves to provide you with the best. Argan oil is a perfect beauty product as it moisturizes your skin while it reduces the stretch marks, scars, and speckles.

·        Full of Vitamin E ,Omega 6 and Fatty Acids

·        A Natural Antioxidant that fights off the signs of aging and acne

·        Increase hair mass and improves the health of scalp

·        Moisturizes Dry Skin

Argan Oil in Bulk

Argan Oil in Bulk is made from a product derived from nutrient rich argan trees to make the natural moisturizer your hair and skin needs. This is by far the only natural and pure product that is not made with any sort of harmful chemicals or additives.

Argan oil is one of the rarest beauty and health oils found on the plant. These are known for their regeneration properties. Argan oil in bulk can be easily absorbed to skin and hair. Argan Oil in Bulk is a premium product as it smoothens and conditions your hair with its non-greasy and alcohol free formula that creates a brilliant shine and glowy skin.

·        Gets rid of wrinkles while making your skin soft and glowy

·        Heals Scars and Stretch marks

·        Repairs damaged hair and can easily go with any hair or skin type

Helps relieving you eczema and psoriasis

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