Shipping starts at 0.1CBm and freight is as low as 180RMB

Price: 1 SGD/Day/Night

Do you need the best air and sea transportation service from Guangzhou, China to Singapore?

Please choose us!

Whether you are factory goods,  online shopping, daily necessities, machinery and equipment, immigration move;

Whether you are an individual or a company;

Our company will be tailored for your goods transport scheme, the best service without you to worry about, one-stop transport to your designated place!

Our shipping:

Every Wednesday and Saturday loading, 1. Guangzhou to Singapore Door to door: about 10-12days arrived.

Our shipping starts at 0.1CBm and freight is as low as 180RMB +7%GST (7%GST is paid to Singapore Customs)

Our shipping service in Singapore is first-class. Our colleague will call you the day before the delivery to make an appointment. You just need to wait for the delivery at the specified time.

You only need to fill in the document we provide you or the INVOCE of the factory, and we will help you do the customs clearance in China and Singapore.

There will be no extra charge. Please remember that we only collect the freight and the 7%GST fee paid for you (7%GST is paid to the Singapore Customs).

Our air freight:

Within a week, we will ship the goods every day except Saturday. Air transportation( Express) Door to door(Guangzhou to Singapore): about 3 days arrived.

Our air freight (express delivery to door) price is as follows: (this is the current price, the price will be adjusted, please feel free to contact us for quotation).

First weight 1KG: 60 RMB, continued weight 1KG: 30 RMB/KG





Sensitive goods will be added 3RMB/KG on the basis of general goods

Sensitive goods refer to the goods with batteries, imitation brand, food, cosmetics, magnetic goods, etc

Our volume weight calculation method is: length * width * height /6000(in centimeters), which is much smaller than that calculated by DHL UPS,FEDEX,TNT, etc.

We also focus on taobao, JINGdong, Vipshop and other online goods purchase on behalf of payment and transfer services, we have a dedicated staff responsible for registering your every package, stockpiling, sorting. We will arrange transportation together after all your packages arrive.

For small pieces of goods, we provide free carton packing by air and sea, to ensure that your goods will not be damaged during transportation. If the goods are easily damaged, we would suggest wooden frames. We will inform you the first time when we find damaged goods when we sign or before delivery. You can contact the seller in time to return, exchange or refund.

You can contact us through WhatsApp, WeChat, QQ,email and other means. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Please provide us with your email address, and we will send you a document and operation process.

For more detailed information, please feel free to contact me.


Coral Cheng                 

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