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Webcasting and Live Video streaming services in Dubai provides you the best of live audio and video streaming with NewTek TriCaster video production system.


Xactsoft Webcasting provide you with the best of services in webcasting. Live audio and video streaming with NewTek TriCaster Video Production System, across cities in Dubai, UAE, and GCC Countries. We organize webinars, enable you to live stream events and help you to reach a wider audience. Our webcasts are clear, in perfect sync and stream events with amazing HD clarity.

We have a multitude of small and large firms availing our webcasting services. Xactsoft believes in playing a stellar role in assisting its clients to have better experience with excellent communication and ease of use.  Once you put your faith in our webcasting services, rest assured that you will get the best web cast in terms of experience and quality.

What goes into streaming a live webcast?

A live webcast involves a process that takes broadcasting of the media in real time, that is, live through Internet. True streaming is done and this transmits the information directly to the laptop or PC.

In a live webcast, audio and video content is taken from an A/V system, very often a video camera. This media content is straight away transferred to streaming software that is already installed and running on the host computer. Popular ones are Real Player or Windows Media Player which decode the streaming media content that is sent by specialized servers known as Content Delivery Networks.

On demand web casts are now growing popular and help you to get live streaming of your favorite games that may be going on in any part of the world. Xactsoft can help you get the latest scores and updates of your favorite sports or events through live web casts as you are working in your office or at home.


What are the Xact advantages of web casting?

Webcasting is the latest tool that most of the fast growing companies are turning to. With the Xactsoft webcasting tools, you can have a treasure chest of benefits that will multiply your business in an exponential manner.

Some of the Xactsoft benefits of web casting are:

  • Reaches a wider audience through easy live streaming
  • Offers one-on-one discussions with all your various employees across the world at one go
  • Inform everyone about last minute changes in policies, meetings and product usage, thus curtailing a lot of tedious procedures.
  • Cost-effective and easy to use, as you no longer would need to carry loads of files and documents in your laptops or iPads.
  • Excellent quality of audio and video live streaming outputs.

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