360 Spinning Photobooth

Here at Sebek Bounce the 360 Spinning Photo Booth is our biggest seller. Start a business by purchasing a booth today. Bring special events to life and create lasting memories.


Purchase a 360 Spinning Photobooth to increase your monthly income.

Charge £100 per appointment per hour; 3 hours are £300.

both before and after-sale assistance

Free start-up bundle for businesses with photo booths 80 cm or larger

What's contained

Email the company logo

aircraft case

LED Ring Light Money Gun Led Strip Light

Rope in red

Iron 360-degree photo booth 1 to 2 people 68cm

By using the 360 Spinning Photobooth to make amazing occasions come to life, you can raise your monthly income.

The 360 is a very popular booth that comes in three sizes and two materials: iron and infinity glass.

You can record a slow-motion video using 360 Photobooth and edit it with animated effects and the client's desired music.

The result is excellent. Additionally, tourists plan to use the 360-degree


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