Buy Refurbished Ct Scanners with end-to-end service support


At Atlantis Worldwide, our work is not only restricted to selling used CT Scanners. We provide end-to-end services to all our clients. We assist our clients right from the purchasing decision stage to financing to shipping and transporting CT Scanners, installation, training on CT Scanners, maintenance and repair, warranty and much more.

We sell used CT Scanners that are refurbished as per OEM Standards. All our CT Scanners for Sale are in the best working condition and help diagnose internal injuries, non-invasive traumas, and many critical diseases & conditions. We sell CT Scanners which are used worldwide for different medical, surgical, and radiation applications.

You can opt for an equipment upgrade where you can sell used CT Scan Machine that you are using currently and buy a refurbished CT scanner.

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For more information on equipment upgrades and our used CT Scanners, contact us at 1-800-533-3356.

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