Find Premium Quality 100% Cotton Batting from M&S Textiles

Discover the perfect foundation for your quilting masterpieces with M&S Textiles Australia's 100% Natural Cotton Batting. Our eco-friendly, needle-punched cotton with a comfortable scrim binder is designed to give your quilts a traditional, slightly shrunk appearance after washing, adding charm and texture. The high-grade 150 GSM, free of pesticides and harmful chemicals, ensures your craft is stunning and allergy-free. Whether for pieced or appliqué quilts, our batting supports hand-quilting and machine excellence, with an impressive 8"-10" distance between stitches for easy handling. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Eco-Friendly & Allergy-Free 100% Cotton Batting with Scrim Binder

  • A generous Width of 96 Inches for Large Projects

  • Perfect for Both Machine and Hand Quilting

  • Strong Needle-Punched Construction with Scrim for Durability and Ease of Quilting

  • Breathable Material, Ideal for Comfortable Quilt Use

Experience a seamless blend of comfort and durability with our premium cotton batting – ideal for quilting enthusiasts eager to create lasting, beautiful work. Contact us now

for more details. 

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