Spanish online lessons Yoaprendoespanol & Homeescasa.

Precio: 15 USD/Por hora
Zona/Barrio: Palermo Soho

Clases de español en nuestro home-studio en Palermo soho, Yoaprendoespanol / HomeescasaStudio & Espanolexperience

Lessons with breakfast

Yoaprendoespañol, at our home-studio we prepare regular lessons, cooking classes, music lessons and more ideas. lessons in the morning have breakfast included mate bags (or argentine mate) tea bag, milk or your preference, home made bread + fruts, we are located on malabia street in palermo soho neigh offer to our students, private lessons, we are Silvia & Estanislao, Will be welcome!

Since january 2007 to august 2017 we used to be but now this site has changed into Malabiahomestudio and Espanolexperience We decided to include more services on our new site malabiahomestudio such as: music lessons, instruments like charango, ukelele, guitar, banjo and piano, lessons in spanish or in english; spanish language experience, cooking sessions and argentine wine tasting.

Experiencesathome & Homeescasa in Palemo Botanico, Buenos Aires.

Classes online via Skype or Zoom.


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