BMW1500-2000nk Stainless Steel Bumper (1962-1972)


For BMW 1500-2000NK

1500-4 DOORS (1962-1966)

1600-4 DOORS (1964-1966)

1800-4 DOORS (1963-1972)

1800 TV/SA (1964-1965)

2000- 4 DOORS (1966-1972)

A KIT INCLUDES: 1 Front bumper in 3 parts, 1 Rear bumper in 3 parts, 4 Overriders,, 4 Overriders Rubbers

With over ten years in manufacturing and exporting bumper for classic car, we proud of our best service to all customers over the world with great pleasure. Our bumpers made of solid stainless steel SAE 304, 1.5 – 2mm thickness and polished surface. The gloss of bumper is shiny like mirror polish and the backside of bumper are cover by 3 painted layers to protect the bumper from the bad weather and chemicals elements. Besides the products on stock, we also duplicate other bumpers from original sample for fitting shape and dimension, etc…(100% resemblance compared with original).

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