New Best E99 K3 Pro Dual Camera Drone Price in Usa

Prix: 55 BDT/par heure
Quartier/Voisinage: 206


The 2022 New E99 K3 Pro drone has 2 cameras, one with 4k resolution and the other with 1080p HD. New best E99 K3 Pro Dual Camera Drone Price in USA

The drone has a 120-degree wide-angle camera, and a 90-degree manually adjustable camera. This drone has a gesture control function that commands the camera to take photos or record video with just your hand gestures. With takeoff / landing / return and headless modes, the drone can be easily controlled with a single switch in case of unforeseen circumstances. It has a trajectory flight function so when you draw a trajectory on the skin, the drone will continue to fly according to that trajectory. The drone can be controlled up to a distance of 400 meters

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