Bright Horizons Kindergarten activities

Quartier/Voisinage: Attard

Fun after-school and Saturday activities and holiday sessions for children aged 3-8 years. Story Makers- bringing stories to life with play, songs, music, movement and craft. .  Creative Minds- Within a variety of exciting themes, children explore, play, create, imagine and discover through a mix of activities including craft, baking, stories, music and role-play. Let's Pretend- a variety of role-play activities in which we plan, prepare props and play out a theme. Great for building imagination and self-confidence. Reading Skills- all levels of learning to read- from Beginners- fun games to learn phonics, through blending letter sounds to read words and learning to read sentences with a mix of phonics and key words. Busy Bookworms-sharing chapter books and completing fun related activities for ages 6-8 years. Led by a native English Early Literacy Specialist with many years of experience as a kindergarten teacher and formerly Head of a large kindergarten and nursery in an independent school. 

email for further information and schedule. Facebook- bright horizons with ms julie

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