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Plain Truth Ministries
Proclaims authentic Christianity without the religion.
Our work is Christ-centered, based on God's amazing grace, 
giving hope to those burned out by legalistic religion.
PTM communicates its message electronically and in print, 
in its magazines, books and booklets, audio cassettes, CD's, 
letters, radio, pod-casts, email and on the Internet. 
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**** Did you know that the Bible is a History book telling about the rise and fall of future Nations and Kingdoms to a 100% accuracy way before it happened. 
Did you know that the Bible is a book of prophecy telling when the end of the world as we know it will happen.
Did you know that the Old Testament of the Bible foretold the birth and death of Jesus Christ hundreds of years before it happened?
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**** Science Has Found Proof of the Existence of God and you can see and hear the proof at the link below.
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**** THE FORBIDDEN BOOK OF ENOCH: Why was it not included in the Bible.
The book of ENOCH was found with the Dead Sea Scrolls and was not included in the the modern Bible. It talks about the End Times, Angels, and about the Giants that walked the Earth. To find out more watch the video link below. ===>


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