Choose the Best Menstrual Protection Products by Lali Cup

Quartier/Voisinage: Smrekarjeva 27, 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

Maintaining a healthy and hygienic routine during those down days is a core accountability of every girl out there. It will not only allow you to move freely and give you the feeling of security but also will create a good impression to the people around you.

LaliCup is a menstrual cup, the first one designed and produced in Slovenia. LaliCup was made for all women and girls to make their period experience more pleasant, easier to handle and much more comfortable.

With a desire to enlighten other women, also struggling with menstrual issues, I became a self-proclaimed “ambassador for women’s intimate hygiene during menstruation.” Our biggest challenge is to change the habit of using tampons and pads, which is still deeply-rooted in many contemporary women. It is similar to using contact lenses instead of glasses for the first time. But the feeling of freedom that comes with the change, is priceless! So my beliefs, perseverance and vision lead me forward.

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