Learn English with a British Teacher (IELTS / TOEFL)

Område/Nabolag: Kuwait City

We are a British & American Education Academy based in Kuwait and Bahrain. We specialize in teaching all the School, IGCSE, ALevel, IB, AP, GED, SAT subjects.

Our English teacher has 9 years of experience in teaching the English Language, specializing in providing intermediate and advanced level English courses and academic preparation programs.

Offering courses, workshops, and consultations in the following areas:
·       English for academic and research purposes
·       General English and examination preparation (IELTS)
·       Business English for professional purposes

Our Aim
Excellence & Fluency
Excellence: to provide excellent programmes and courses for students and clients and to strive for professional excellence.
Fluency: To help our students/clients deliver information quickly and with expertise.

For more information:
Call - 50988669
Instagram - Teach_Kuwait
Website - www.teachbahrain.com

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